If you haven’t heard about TWELVE Beauty, yet, then you’re missing out. Founded by Pedro Catalá and catering to fans of, clean beauty, luxury beauty and simple skin care, alike; TWELVE Beauty is the zenith of modern skin care.

What sets Catalá apart from other brands is that he is a pharmacist and cosmetologist, and therefor responsible for formulating his own products. Catalá also holds a postgraduate diploma in Botany, which has served as the inspiration behind the TWELVE Beauty range and informs the companies' huge emphasis on sustainably sourced, natural and organic ingredients. One of the many reasons we love it so!

I chat to Pedro about the beauty of Organics and the evolution of TWELVE Beauty.

Pedro Catalá |The man himself.

Pedro Catalá |The man himself.

How did you get into skincare?

I have always been fascinated by skin care so for that purpose I studied pharmacy (at the University of Valencia, in Spain). In the second year a whole new world opened up to me because I discovered the subject of botany and I became fascinated by the offering plants gave us. I wanted to scientifically apply my botanical knowledge into skincare. 

What was the deciding factor that you were going to create a clean skincare range?

Working as a pharmacist in a clinic for over 10 years and having listened to patient’s concerns made me realise that there was a serious need for clean skincare that was highly compatible with the delicate composition of sensitive, reactive skin. It involved longs hours of study! I was surprised how many people spent months on medicated creams and traditional barrier creams just because they had reactive skin or small ailments, mainly due to dry skin. It took them a long time to improve and relief the itchiness. I spent hours in the library documenting myself on medical articles on treatment of dry skin and I came to the conclusion that by selecting pure, natural elements at high concentrations we could restore the epidermis in a more effective way.



What are the myths and misconceptions about natural ingredients?

What I discovered quickly is that not everything natural can be beneficial. There are a number of natural ingredients that are allowed in organic skincare that are proven allergens. Not everything that works for your friend, will work for you. So you need to choose products that suit your skin.

What to learn more about clean beauty ingredients? Take a look at The Ultimate Clean Beauty Dictionary the Pedro put together.

What do you feel is the future of beauty?

We are going back to basics, until few years ago the more ingredients a beauty product had on the label the better it was, now consumers with more knowledge are favouring purer, richer products. Also the niche beauty industry is having a big momentum with some niche brands going already mainstream.  Most consumers are more informed now about what is good and what is bad, I just wish we were all more challenging with the beauty industry…there is still too much dishonesty.

Tell us about the name?

During five years of research I identified twelve natural and organic extracts which I believe are essential to keep the skin healthier for longer, hence the name.

Click here to find out more about the twelve key ingredients found in TWELVE Beauty.

What inspires you?

My customer.  To me listening to customer’s concerns is vital and of course my botanical knowledge. I spend big part of my time participating in several projects for the conservation of the biodiversity, so there is no wonder that sustainability plays the most decisive role when it comes to select the ingredients for my formulas.

If the green beauty industry continues to grow, are there measures in place to keep it truly sustainable?

Everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon of natural and organic ingredients, but to me, being sustainable is the most important thing. People assume that harvesting oils is sustainable because you can give money to local communities or build new schools, but if you erase the natural environment for what you really want to obtain, that’s not sustainable.

What are the challenges of running a green beauty brand?

The choice of natural ingredients is smaller compared with the traditional or classic beauty industry. I think the smooth silky skin feel that silicones provide is difficult to achieve, also preservation is difficult in natural beauty products. There are several ingredients that act as a preservative called “non preservatives”, it is a great choice for natural formulators but it is difficult to achieve the same level of efficacy as traditional preservatives. 

Any expert tips and/or advice for our readers?

You don’t need 50 beauty products, you just need to wash your face properly with something that cleans your skin well but isn’t harsh, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! You need to keep your skin supple and elastic to fight the effects of ageing.

Don't wait for a special occasion to use your beauty products. I received a beautiful box of very expensive Swiss skin and body care products, and I kept it in my cupboard for a special occasion and when that special occasion came around and I went to open them, they had separated and gone off! It's important to be constant with your products and use them all the time.

Use products that suit you! What suits your friend might not suit your skin and you won't see the results you are after.

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You can join Khandiz and Pedro at the Clean Cult Christmas event on 4 December 2016, where they will be speaking live about beauty trends for 2017.