There is nothing we love more than to shop a beautifully curated collection. So imagine our delight to discover that, Instagram lifestyle mavens, The Thirty, are having a Pop Up this weekend!


Founded by former Models and close friends Alice Hicks and Daisy Pettinger, The Thirty, is a beautifully curated, monthly Instagram feed, featuring 30 of the duo’s handpicked, Homeware treats.

Having bonded over a passion for artisanal style, hand crafted items and a love of homemaking , the girl’s conversations about their new fabric finds and discoveries of inspiring new designers, snowballed until between them, they had amassed a burgeoning collection of products and overstuffed note books, full of contacts and ideas.  Luckily for fans of timeless, hand crafted, lifestyle products, Alice and Daisy decided to share the wealth and The Thirty was born!

From small beginnings, sharing some of their finds on social media, The Thirty has developed apace into a regular Instagram feed of deliciously unique and consummately stylish visual offerings each and every month, that sees their following grow daily. 

This weekend, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November, The Thirty, will 'Pop Up' in the heart of Wimbledon, creating the perfect showcase for many of the hundreds of one-off, handcrafted and ineffably stylish pieces that Daisy and Alice have sourced from around the globe. 

You can find them at: 2 Leopold Road, SW19 7BD. And on-line at