It was a swelteringly hot August day that saw a 15 strong team of us pack in to photographer Stephanie Sian Smith’s London studio to shoot the 2016 Fashion Revolution campaign.

With the amazing reach and impact of the 2015 campaign still fresh in our minds, it was decided that a great way to honor the global reach of the campaign was by shooting some fantastic international sustainable designers.

Drawing on a wealth of talent, from established brands like Nudie Jeans from Sweden and London’s own Christopher Raeburn, through to emerging Japanese designer Asato Goto and Scotland’s Kelly Dawn Riot, we were utterly spoilt for choice.



With our sustainable bar set high, make-up artist and Novel Beings co-founder Khandiz Joni worked her magic with PHB Ethical Beauty, RMS Beauty & Less is More hair products and keeping it real right down to the catering, our amazing vital food chief Josie Taylor, served up a feast of organic food, conscious to the core!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the brands that lent clothes and supported the campaign and another thank you to all the wonderful Fashion Revolution country CC’s who sent such exciting suggestions for brands. We take heart in the wealth of amazing sustainable clothes being made around the world.

There were fourteen fantastic brands that graced the 2016 campaign. Look out for more blog posts this month featuring interviews with them.

And last but by no means least, thank you to our fantastic models, Kimberly Marren and Emily Bador at Nevs,Savanna at Anti-Agency and Dennis Nyero Okwera and Jon Mitchell at AMCK, who completely embraced the Fashion Revolution message and sprit. Totally badass, we couldn’t have done it without you!

To download all the posters and find out how to get involved, go to Fashion Revolution.