Earth hour is upon us! The global celebration is due to hit the UK at 8.30pm, Saturday19th March and will see vast swathes of the UK turning off their lights for an hour to show they care about the future of our planet. We highly recommend joining in, not only is it a powerful exercise, but something truly magical and thought provoking happens when you get to spend an hour hanging out by candle light. (Trust us it really does!) It is also a perfect excuse to share this How To guide to making your own candles from the good folk at Novel Beings. It's a totally satisfying, thrifty project and you also get to put into practice reuse, reduce, recycle and shine a light on climate change at the same time.

Here is Novel's step by step how to.

You will need:

  1. -  Old jam jars, cosmetic jars, pickle jars… you get the drift. The need a wide enough neck to allow air to flow freely.
  2. - A bag of soya wax (available on Amazon) starting at £9.48 for 1kg – which makes you approximately 6 candles.
  3. - Wicks (available on Amazon)
  4. - Essential oils – we naturally only use certified organic oils, purely because they by choosing certified organic produce, you have some assurance that it was the most beneficial to people, animals and the environment.  (optional)
  5. - Aluminum pot – ideally one that you only use for melting wax from now on
  6. -  Chop sticks or pencils
  7. - Blue Tac
  8. - Scissors

Before you begin: Make sure your work surface is clean and tidy and well protected. Even though soya is easy to clean up with some warm water and soap, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Step one.

Heat your pot on the stove for a few minutes, till all the metal is evenly heated. Switch off the heat/flame.

Step two.

Slowly add your wax flakes to the hot pot. Once they start melting, continue adding flakes, stirring occasionally to break down any stubborn pieces of wax. If your wax isn’t melting, it means your pot wasn’t hot enough. You can switch the heat back on, on the lowest setting, and turn off again once the wax is melting uniformly.

Step three.

Once the wax is totally melted and you have ensured the pot has been removed from the heat, take your piece of blue tack and stick the wick to the bottom of a clean, dry glass jar.  Use your chopsticks to help press the wick base down as firmly and evenly as possible. You need to ensure that the wick is in the center of the jar.  Place jar on covered, even and sturdy surface; because once you pour your wax in, you cant move the jar until the wax has set. Take a chopstick and place it across the neck of the jar to support the wick.

Step four.

Now that your wax has cooled slightly, but is still in a totally liquid state, you can start adding your essential oils. You can get creative here! You can choose the oils based on their properties or simply for their smell. You will need to add about 40 – 50 drops if you want a really vividly scented candle. But play around with this; you will know when it’s reached its perfect notes. Do bear in mind that the smell will be less once the candle has solidified. It’s not advisable to reheat the wax when you have added your oils, as this will dilute their scent.

Step 5.

Slowly pour the melted wax into the jar up to the neck.

Step 6.

Make a cup of tea, read a book, do some meditation, dishes, laundry, send an email, check your social feeds… basically… walk away and let the wax set.

Step 7.

Once the wax has completely set (give it a few hours), cut the wick so it only has about half an inch above the candle. If you candle has bubbles or has sunk in at the top, it means that your wax too hot and that you poured it into the jar too quickly so air has got trapped.

Step 8.

Wait until it’s dark, light up and bask in the glow.

By Novel Beings