Have you ever made it to the brink of a yoga and/or pilates class and at the very last second backed away slowly fearing injury, embarrassment or just simple floundering? Never fear, My Method are here to bring you bespoke classes and services designed to suit your individual needs.

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking to founder Alix Waterhouse to find out the why, how and where do we sign up.

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What inspired you to set up My Method and what sets it apart from a typical exercise class?

I had a busy stressful job and a back problem. I didn't have time to get to classes, so I tried exercising from a DVD's but it made my back worse. This is why My Method videos are prescriptive and personalised – more on this later. I trained as a Pilates teacher so that I could take care of my back, I didn’t plan to become a teacher, but then I fell in love with the work and changed career.

What sets My Method apart It’s so personalized to the client. We are all about finding the clients Method. What their specific needs are, how they want to practice and when. We can provide one on one, or group classes. And unlike other classes, My Method creates practice videos for you to do between sessions that are personalized to you.

What are the benefits of My Method for clients and teachers? 

We help you find the best method for you. We look at your objectives, your lifestyle, your physical condition and health, then we match you to a teacher and design a programme to fit around the time you have available. Our teachers are highly trained and specialised, so you are in safe hands.

What do you love most about teaching? 

Seeing the change in my clients, watching them improve and fall in love with Pilates. 

Do you have a top tip for practising?

Enjoy it, don’t force it. Learn to connect with your body, so you can feel what it needs.

Be careful when you practice. If you aren’t being supported by a proper teacher, your may be practicing incorrectly. Back problems can be particularly problematic.

When I first started practicing Pilates I was also following un-prescribed videos on line. I was practicing without the proper support and I actually made my back problems worse. 

So with My Method, we only give clients videos to follow once they have been to a class. Our prescriptive videos are tailor made for each client, containing exercises that they have been shown how to do in class or their one on one. We never give clients unfamiliar exercises to do in video that they’re not familiar with.

And each video they are prescribed is taught by the teacher they have in class or one on one. So they are completely familiar with the teacher and the instructions given.

Pilates inspiration - who or what inspires you?

My teachers, my clients and I love ballet. Sergai Polunin, Sylvie Guillem.. dancers inspire me.

Favourite Pilates exercise?

The roll down. 

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What would you recommend as a good starting point for someone who is new to Pilates or Yoga?

Well they should come and try My Method! We talk to our clients on-line and on the phone to understand what they need. You can then try out Pilates and Yoga to see which your prefer and get expert advise as to which style of exercise would benefit you most.

Start with a one-to-one class. Our teachers are trained understand your objectives so they can design a programme around you.

Who can benefit from your classes?

Everyone! Because we are experts in a variety of problems including - Postural Alignment & Back Care, Rehabilitation from Injury & Surgery, Antenatal & Postnatal - we can offer tailored classes to target specific problems.

My Method is particularly good for women who’ve given birth and we are recommended by the Royal Whittington and Corydon hospitals which we are very proud of.

What’s next for My Method?

Well we have just partnered with Quintessentially, so watch this space!