The eco warriors and heroes of the future are also the ethically minded, authentic teens of today.”
— Sjaniël Turrell

With Fashion Revolution Week about to kick into play, encouraging your teens to make more mindful style statements couldn’t be timelier.


Photography by Liam Arthur, Beauty by Sjaniël Turrell, Styling by Alice Wilby at A Novel Approach

Models: Oona Wolseley and Moya Hogan


When make-up Sjaniël Turrell, Nutritional Therapist + Holistic Make up Artist from The Chemistry of Wellness asked us if we’d like to collaborate on a teen beauty shoot using eco make-up, we jumped at the chance to see how we could create a style story that was mindful and considered in it’s approach.

Because not only are teenagers prolific shoppers and consumers, their generation are also curious, inquisitive and incredibly aware of the toll overconsumption and mass production are having on the planet.

So what if we styled the story, clothes and props, without actually visiting a shop, designer or PR? What if everything we used was borrowed from friends and family, hand-me-downs or models own? We might just create a story that was big on beautiful narrative and low on consumption and impact.

Proof that all you need to create your party look is already in your wardrobe.. Or your mum’s, or your best friend’s! That and a generous helping of sparkly eco glitter make up and you’re ready to party!

Make-Up Artist, Sjaniel says, "The concept for this story began two years ago with my discovery of biodegradable glitter and my wish to create a green beauty story specifically for teens.

Whilst Alice and I discussed the concept on a number of occasions, deciding that we would style the story using only what we all had between us, echoed our collective ethical mantra that fashion and art direction can be striking, cool and current, without needing to acquire new things simply because we can. 

I had Oona in mind for the story from the beginning. A family friend I have long been inspired by her authenticity in being herself as a teenager, which is something quite rare I think. Finding the right photographer was the biggest challenge and when I finally came across Liam's work I knew he was the right person to shoot the story. Liam suggested we get Moya, Oona's lifelong friend, on board too.  It was important to me that this wasn't simply a shoot with some young models but that it had an authenticity of real teens and their somewhat awkward beauty that is visible to the viewer but not always to themselves.  What transpired was so much more than I could have hoped for - this is not a story of models pretending to be something they're not - this is Oona & Moya at Oona's house, getting ready together and dressing up the way they would do for any party. "

They are our future, but they live that potential now. The eco warriors and heroes of the future are also the ethically minded, authentic teens of today."