Photograph:   Asia Werbel   | Model:   Kimberley Marren   | Hair & Make:   Khandiz Joni

Photograph: Asia Werbel | Model: Kimberley Marren | Hair & Make: Khandiz Joni

Festival season is upon us once more, so what better opportunity to share some of our favourite ways to party like a rock star, without it literally costing the earth! As any mindful being knows, going green is beyond just throwing your litter in the correct trash bag!

Read on to discover our Beauty Editor’s green essentials for any discerning festival goer.


With most revellers resigned to the fact an actual shower might not warrant the queuing time, wet wipes are going to be any festival-goers best friend. But naturally you know this already. You also know that there’s no excuse not to go biodegradable, just make sure they are chemical and fragrance free too. Check out this great selection below.


However, should you be the kind who simply cannot survive without washing the mud and music away, Less is more All-in-one WashGel & Shampoo is a must. This hardworking magic stuff takes care of all your personal hygiene requirements - in one bottle! Space saving too.  They hand this stuff out to refugee’s at Vienna Westbahnhof, and the net profit from the sales of this excellent product is donated to Caritas refugee aid. One bottle is enough for a backpack, two bottles purchased is enough to supply a sleeping bag, and three is enough for a tent. So even if you have it as a “just-in-case” you’re making a difference.

Hand Sanitiser

While we don't usually advocate hand sanitisers, even we have to admit there is a time and place for them and a festival must rank top of the list. We love Dr Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitiser, in fact, we love Dr Bronner's full stop! 

Oil & Moisturiser 

We love a product that can multi-task and in our opinion very few beat good old organic Jojoba oil. From an excellent makeup remover, to an all over face, body and hair moisturiser, this incredible oil is as close as a plant oil gets to our own natural sebum. It's easily absorbed and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. We adore Neal's Yard Organic Jojoba Oil

Flower Power

The current trend for face adornments and hair accessories is super cute and an easy short cut to a festival vibe. But sadly the majority of products out there are made from plastic and other environmentally unfriendly materials. And you know how we feel about that. It's time to ditch the plastic girls and boys! Why not opt for some real flowers to adorn your face and hair instead? Or if you're feeling really bold, go wild and cover your whole face in flowers!

Multitasking Makeup

Couleur Caramel have your festival makeup essentials covered in just two products. Their incomparable BB cream and their handy mascara & eyeliner duo in one are a total space and time saver. Our kind of product.


Yeah yeah, we know, it's always raining at festivals. Until it's not and before you know it you're caught in the sun all day. Make sure you have invested in a good quality sunscreen for your face and body. Green People are our tried and trusted go-to for effective natural sunscreen.  

A Quick Refresh

One of our key bits of kit is Skin & Tonic London's Rose Mist. Another dynamic product, it's excellent post wash as a toner before you apply your face oils and can also be used later in the day to set and refresh makeup. If you've been on the dance floor so long even your mascara has joined the party, a couple of spritzes if this bad boy will allow you to wipe away any smudges and your skin will thank you for the hydration by glowing again. What's not to love?


Take Care Hair

We recently discovered the greatness that is Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hair Products and what a discovery it has been! The dry shampoo comes in a non-aerosol, super sexy gold container. It is available for light and dark hair, so no more white looking powder in those luscious brown locks. This wonder brand also make a rather delicious Hair Perfume. Yup you read that right! This organic perfume leaves your hair smelling heavenly and all without any nasty synthetics. It's so good someone in our team is kinda addicted to it and we can't recommend it highly enough as a go to product. 


Just because us Novel Beings are all about earth-loving ways, does not mean we condone bad B.O! Hippy Paste is an excellent deodorant, free from all that contentious aluminum. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and has anti-bacterial properties that will combat body odour all day long. Because it's not an antiperspirant, your body will still be allowed to get rid of all those fun boozy toxin’s without the risk of clogging up your sweat glands. You’re also not limited to a tea tree scent.

Oral Hygiene

Dancing till dawn, is no excuse not brush your teeth. Bad breath is never a "good look". Arm yourself with one of these bamboo toothbrushes, more durable and environmentally friendly than their plastic cousins. Top with some Lavera toothpaste and feel minty fresh!

Photography:  Kristing Vicari  | Model:  Julia Campbell Gillies  | Hair & Makeup:  Khandiz Joni   Originally featured on  Volt Cafe

Photography: Kristing Vicari | Model: Julia Campbell Gillies | Hair & Makeup: Khandiz Joni

Originally featured on Volt Cafe

A Splash of Colour Never Hurts

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon’s are great little treats that double up for lips and cheeks – without having to stick your grubby festival fingers in the pot!

Disco Dust

Let’s face it, what girl doesn’t like to sparkle like the night sky all day long?

But did you know that modern glitter is actually made from plastic – yep, you heard right, plastic makes another appearance in our beauty products! That’s millions and millions of tiny pieces of plastic that ultimately land up in ocean and rivers. But do not fear, you don’t have to ditch the disco dust! We have sourced a solution for you and it's called Bio-Glitter. As the name suggests, some clever sausage has developed a glitter made from a biodegradable film and incorporates cosmetic grade pigments that meet the EU’s stringent requirements. How cool is that!

And yes, we have a very own disco dust dealer. Click here to order yours today!

Photography:  Betina du Toit  | Model:  Lily Newmark  | Hair & Makeup:  Khandiz Joni

Photography: Betina du Toit | Model: Lily Newmark | Hair & Makeup: Khandiz Joni